Basic Lash Lift Kit


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  1. 2ea - 2in1 Brush
  2. 5ea - No.1 Curl cream
  3. 5ea - No.2 Fix cream
  4. Eye Cover Goggle 1pair ( Color is Random)
  5. lash lift glue 3ml
  6. Kim Joo Hyun Aroma Balm 5ml
  7. Half Moon Kim Joo Hyun Rod + Angel patch 1 pair
  8. Lah lift paper
  9. Poppy tape
  10. Glass tape
  11. Forehead cover 1ea ( Color is Random)
  12. aM Primer 
  13. Eye Lash Shampoo
  14. Black Brush 10ea
  15. 5 layer cotton 10ea
  16. J*2 Eye lash Serum 1ea
  17. Meyou eye patch 50ea 



How use:

A. In the case of glue perm, put the rod on the eyelids.

Put the eyelashes on the rod using the perm glue.

Depending on the thickness of the eyelashes, leave 1 solution for 15 minutes and if the eyelashes bounce back when wiping 1 solution, leave it on for two more minutes.

For 2 solutions, leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes


B. Apply balm to the tip of the eyelashes before 1 solution to protect the lashes and apply 1 solution.

Then, put on the goggles


C. After wiping off the first solution, apply a balm on the tip of the eyelashes and the second solution.


D.  If you have shampoo, after washing with shampoo, apply a balm to your hair to fix the finish.

Use the eye stick to massage around the eyes